Nunzio Martinello, informatics from Italy and India

Nunzio Martinello, informatics from Italy and India

There are people who start to stand on their own feet when very young. Nunzio Martinello is one of them. In informatics many young people become entrepreneurs, but few are able to maintain that initial success.

The first time I met Nunzio at an evening meeting of Ad Hoc, an association of Veneto entrepreneurs, I was surprised at his Indian-accented English and absolute mastery with which he gracefully dominated the conversation. In informatics there is a very interesting social dynamic: the young teach the 'not so young'.

We can almost call it a process of 'reverse mentoring' that inevitably lets me know that I do not belong to the 'digital generation'. The children teach their parents.

Nunzio was even younger than today, the beard (perhaps to increase the perception of his age) and his hands in his pockets when he explained to two experienced ‘old lions’ what he thinks we should do with our idea of a web portal aimed at small companies and quality artisans. And we gave him our confidence and put him in charge of structuring the portal.

After a moment of confusion, more due to the perception of that to which we were facing than anything else, we sat in the audience to listen to his story. This meeting of Ad Hoc was dedicated to what Nunzio had done for ‘I’mwatch’ (now closed after Apple Iwatch entered the market).

Also ‘I’mwatch’ was a start-up that needed to sell its watch on the web and had turned to Nunzio for digital strategy and support in its implementation. The success was so incredible that the story is told by many journalists and bloggers and it is still bouncing around conferences and round tables.

His entrepreneurial story actually started with a Facebook ‘app’ that had projected him into the limelight at a very young age and that created the first lifestyle question: to continue the university or become totally immersed in his business.

"It does not matter if you follow an academic career or not, the important thing is to know that one should never stop studying. Informatics is just about continuous innovation and one must be up to date with technological developments and be able to read them with an open and creative mind".

Nunzio decided to opt for the enterprise pathway, reserving the option to later return to college. With his inseparable friend Nicola Possagnolo he opened Noonic ( (Noonzio and Nicola) and they were immediately joined by Sebastiano Favaro.

Right now their approach is professional with an international vision. Nunzio spent many months in Australia to learn English and to be open to new ways of thinking (Gavin had also recognized the Australian drawl in his English). Early on Noonic opened an office in India.

For those not familiar with India we should recount that this magnificent country has many contradictions with the world. Despite much poverty,there are excellent well-attended schools of mathematics and computer science in universities sometimes not well-known. The frame of mind and Indian philosophy seem perfect for considering mathematical abstractions and to follow the logic of the computer. The number zero, for example, was born in India and then came to Europe via Arabia.

Thus, Nunzio lived for 6 months in India, the time required before opening a company and to train collaborators, and since then his life has been divided between extended stays in India and frantic returns to Europe. If you follow Nunzio on social networks sometimes you can find photos of amazing exotic beaches or situations in daily traffic chaos.

"If you want to understand India you must always have tolerance for its enormous contradictions, from poverty to pomp. It is a country where the gap between rich and poor people is openly seen and where habits are often very far from ours, both in everyday and business life. To succeed in India it is necessary to have an open mind and an adaptable spirit, respecting ancient tradition and culture”

There is wisdom in someone so young who combines an entrepreneurial mind and an ability to manage staff from different cultures, while maintaining the freshness of his age when he plays music or creates with his peers. There is creativity in meetings outlining and implementing strategies of penetration in the web, for businesses are very different.

There is wisdom in those people who decide to invest time in voluntary work aimed at helping other young start-ups while also helping humanitarian organizations such as those that make information on Alzheimer's.

"The idea of this video came to us after having watched a similar video made by a Spanish association. Their idea was really good and thanks to the skills of the members of our association we succeeded in creating a new version, making it better at an international level, using the web and digital marketing to a greater degree”.

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Claudia Bettiol

Engineeer, futurist, joint founder of Energitismo and founder of Discoverplaces. Consultant for the development and promotion of the Touristic Development of Territories specialising in...

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