Alessia Pieretti, Riccardo Varone Sindaco di Moterotondo, Javier Noriega Adrianzen e Claudia Bettiol
Alessia Pieretti, Riccardo Varone Sindaco di Moterotondo, Javier Noriega Adrianzen e  Claudia Bettiol

The world in your pocket and Monterotondo by choice

I met Jaime by phone and I realize that his story is too interesting to reduce it to a phone call, so we set up a meeting in Monterotondo together with Alessia Pieretti from the Rome Metropolitan Area, the godmother of the Rome Town Ambassador Award.

Jaime Javier Noriega Adrianzen is the new Town Ambassador of Monterotondo, and this award recognizes him for the great role of bridge builder between Latin America and Italy that he has played for several years.

We all meet in the municipality of Monterotondo welcomed by the mayor Riccardo Varone, who for years has appreciated Jaime's activism in the care of the fragile and in assisting the diaspora from Africa and Latin America.

Jaime hails from Lima, Peru and has always felt that he had to build his own life on his own so as soon as he came of age he embarked as a sailor on commercial vessels. Not that his family couldn't support him in his studies, he simply wanted to stand on his own two feet.


The shipping company he worked for was Franco-Peruvian and carried grain and minerals all over Europe, where a few years later he met his wife by chance. This tour allowed him to get to know the world and experience different cultures and his attraction to art and culture led him to choose to live in Italy.

He was 25 when, having finished the money he had earned, he found himself sleeping in Termini station. The volunteers, who help people in difficulty who gravitate around the station every day, had recognized his potential and asked him to help them assist children with Down syndrome.

He then decides to attend regional and professional schools to become OSS (Socio-Health Operator) and acquire other skills and shortly after he begins to collaborate with the municipality of Rome and other institutions. Gradually the focus of his work concerns all the Roman communities of the various diasporas and he becomes the regional contact person and a degree thesis has been written on his work.

His choice to live in Monterotondo is intriguing, as is his meeting with his wife: “We met in Amsterdam when we were both chaperones of people with disabilities on their trip abroad. We immediately bonded and talked a lot, since then we have never left each other and we have built a beautiful family together "


Jaime Javier Noriega Adrianzen, Town Ambassador of Monterotondo

Together they then chose to leave the chaos of Rome and live in Monterotondo which is well connected but immersed in the beautiful countryside of the Roman Sabina. And this is where their daughters were born.

Two daughters who grew up with many African and Latin American cultures, thanks to the Cical association, but above all with a heart divided between Monterotondo in Italy and Peru.

Jaime has never lost the link with his roots and a part of his life and his work concerns the building of social, cultural and economic bridges between these two great countries: “Peru and Italy have many things in common. In addition to the great history that has seen their empires protagonists in the past, our cuisine is appreciated by UNESCO for its quality".

Now we certainly don't want to make controversy, we believe in the quality of Peruvian cuisine but personally I've never tried it and I'm waiting for at least an invitation to dinner. Meanwhile, we dive into Jaime's business as a socioeconomic bridge builder.

Together with other partners, in 2015 he founded a Consulting company in Peru specialized in internationalization between Peru and Italy. Then in 2015 he founded the Peru-Canton Ticino Chamber of Commerce in Lima. Since 2016 he has been collaborating with the Switzerland-Peru Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Tourism and Agriculture as Representative for international cooperation. In 2023 he was appointed representative for international cooperation in Italy of AMPE - Asociación Nacional de Municipalidades del Perù (which corresponds to our ANCI) in Italy.

“My next social commitment will be the organization of an event in October on Interculturality as an element of advantage for immigrant women entrepreneurs.”

Welcome to Jaime Javier Noriega Adrianzen, the new Town Ambassador of Monterotondo.


Jaime Javier Noriega Adrianzen, Town Ambassador di Monterotondo

Written by:
Claudia Bettiol

Engineeer, futurist, joint founder of Energitismo and founder of Discoverplaces. Consultant for the development and promotion of the Touristic Development of Territories specialising in...

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