Santa Marinella. Ancient Aurelia Road

Via Aurelia was an important Roman road that connected Rome with Cerveteri and Pyrgi, passing along the Tyrrhenian coast.

The road was then extended to Pisa and then to Marseille, France by the emperor Augustus who called it the Via Julia Augusta.

The first stretch up to Cerveteri dates back to the third century BC and was built by the censor Aurelio Cotta.

There are no traces of the ancient route but there are still traces of the passage of this important communication route as a memorial stone at km 59,700 engraved with a text that recalls how the reconstruction of a nearby bridge called 'Ponte di Apollo' (with three arches but buried today) was made by the emperor Septimius Severus.

Another sign of the passage of the ancient Via Aurelia is at km 60.4 where there are the remains of a Roman bridge (the Ponte di Largo Imperio) of which only one sandstone arch remains, while at km 60.7 you can see the remains of an arch of the Via Roma bridge (today in a private garden).

Finally, at km 62.3 you can see the Ponte delle Vignacce restored in 1910.

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