Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Oak
Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Oak

Marano Equo. Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Oak

The sanctuary of the Madonna of the Oak - Madonna della Quercia is located at the foot of the Monti Ruffi and was built following the apparition of the Virgin in Marano Equo. In 1540, a certain Fausto Faustini saw blood coming out of an oak branch and had a vision of the Virgin asking to build a chapel in that place.

Its construction dates back to the fifteenth century and was built on the remains of a pre-existing church dedicated to St. Peter. Next to the church there was a small monastery first Benedictine and then run by the Franciscans. Of this monastery today remain some frescoes of the fifteenth century.

The facade is in simple plaster and is enriched only by a marble placed above the entrance door and by a rectangular opening.

The interior is a single room with a wooden truss roof that ends with an area dedicated to the altar with a barrel vaulted roof.

Of note on the entrance wall are some medieval frescoes, and a fresco from 1634 on a wall of the apse made by master Francesco Conza and dedicated to the history of the miracle and of the church.


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