Santa Marinella. Baptistry of Santa Lucia

The baptistry of Santa Lucia is a small frescoed chapel, with a baptismal font in the centre, located in the castle of Santa Severa in Santa Marinella.

It was built around the fourteenth century by the Santo Spirito Hospital in honour of Santa Severa and Santa Lucia.

The frescoes cover all the walls and represent a Madonna and Child surrounded by saints and an annunciation in the area of ​​the apse.

On the side wall there is a large ship on the sea with the symbols of the Hospital of Santo Spirito which probably represents a miraculous catch.

All the frescoes were made by painters from the school of Antoniazzo Romano.

In the church you can also see graffiti from the 15th and 16th centuries representing ships and which may have been made by sailors.

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