Santa Marinella. Church of Santa Maria Assunta in the Castle of Santa Severa

This church of Santa Maria Assunta in Santa Marinella is located inside the village of the Castle of Santa Severa and its origins date back to 1595.

It was built by the commander Fivizzani whose coat of arms can be found on the facade.

The church looks to have  a unique shape and the altar area is delimited by two large columns and a small frescoed barrel vault.

On the marble altar there is a fresco with a Madonna between Saints Teresa and Marina who are the inspirers of the two villages of Santa Marinella with the Odescalchi castle and Santa Severa with its castle.

Initially the whole church was frescoed with scenes from the life of Santa Severa, the Annunciation and the Nativity.

These were removed in 1772 when it was preferred to decorate with stucco and plaster.

Some of them have recently been uncovered and highlighted.

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