Santa Marinella. Church of Santa Marina

The church of Santa Marina (and San Leonardo) is the oldest in the town and initially was the church around which the centre of Santa Marinella was born.

Its cult had been brought around the tenth century by Basilian monks who came from the Middle East and who had settled in the area of ​​the Villa of Ulpiano.

Santa Marina was originally from Lebanon and the relic of her body was brought to Constantinople from where the Venetians stole it and brought it to the church of Santa Maria Formosa in Venice where it is still located.

This construction dates back to the end of the seventeenth century and is characterized by a very simple facade with a central door and two windows in correspondence to the side aisles.

The church is accessed via a staircase that leads to a terrace in front of the entrance.

The decorative elements are a decoration of the openings, a central round opening and pilasters along the facade and the central end section which recalls an ancient Greek temple.

At the entrance door there is a coat of arms of the Santo Spirito Hospital which ruled Santa Marinella for many years.

Inside you can see the 'bees' symbol of the Barberini family who ruled this area for a period and who renovated the church.

The interior is majestic but simple and the overlapping styles are noticeable, in fact the two lateral naves were added at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Among the elements of internal decoration, there is a baptismal font made from a Roman piece and a marble altarpiece depicting a nativity.

In two side chapels there are paintings of San Giuseppe, the patron saint of Santa Marinella, and of Christ.

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