Cantina Vini Giacobbe Paliano
Cantina Vini Giacobbe Paliano

Alberto Giacobbe wine tasting in the cellar

An emotional tasting in the wine cellar, right in the center of Alberto’s vineyard, which can be reached from a suggestive cypress laden avenue.

Alberto or his sommelier will welcome you, and introduce you to the world of the Cesanese and Passerina wine, the two indigenous varieties of the Paliano area.

You can visit the wine cellars and the wine barrel rooms, where the wine ages and is enriched with its flavors, or go directly to the tasting room where you can savour the wines produced by Alberto Giacobbe’s wine making company.

The tasting starts with the white passerina wines “Duchessa” and “Maddalena”.

Finally we arrive at more structured red wines such as “Lepanto”, a red Cesanese del Piglio DOCG Superior Reserve, and the red “Giacobbe”, a Cesanese di Olevano Romano DOC Superior.

All the names of the wines are linked to the history of Paliano and its Colonna princes who won the famous battle of Lepanto against the Turks and changed the fate of the Western world.


Alberto Giacobbe Azienda Agricola
C.da San Giovenale 
03018 Paliano (FR)
Tel.392 873 8052

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Paliano Alberto Giacobbe wine tasting in the cellar

Paliano Alberto Giacobbe wine tasting in the cellar


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