Cellino San Marco. Carrisiland, Water Park and Natural Park

Cellino San Marco. Carrisiland, Water Park and Natural Park

In spring and summer Cellino becomes the reference point for thousands of visitors thanks to the great attractiveness of Carrisiland, the largest water park in Italy, all immersed in a magnificent olive grove.

The park was designed to combine a playing area in the actual Aquatic park and an educational area with a natural park where you enter the Curtipetrizzi wood and walk on the Briganti route to discover the history of Cellino San Marco and Puglia.

In addition to the introduction to history, children are accompanied in the discovery of nature with the illustration of the plants of the forest and a visit to a mini-zoo where they can come into contact with animals from the area.

In the park there are restaurants and picnic areas, inflatable playgrounds for the little ones and you can see shows in the Palatexas.

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