Preparing sausages with Simona
Preparing sausages with Simona

How to prepare sausages in Paliano with Simona's guide

Charcuterie in Paliano with Simona

Have you ever tried preparing a sausage? In Paliano Simona from the Giasi Farm organizes special days to try the experience of preparing a sausage with your hands under her mastery.

The adventure begins with the preparation of a dough made of special raw pork - straight from the Giasi butchery - and all the available ingredients. It finishes with a sausage made by you and for you to take home and enjoy with you friends .

Simona will tell her story and that of Paliano's sausage with its special ingredients that make it unique.

The Macelleria Agricola Giasi's laboratory organizes a Paliano' Sausage day that begins with a tour of the farm and the gathering of the needed ingredients all the way to the live preparation.
Reservation is required.

La Salsiccia secca di Giasi a Paliano

Contatti: Azienda Agricola Giasi 
Fb: Simona Masssimi 
Via Porcino 28 Paliano 

Simona 334 881 7673

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