Pantelleria. Spa

Pantelleria. Spa

of the volcanoes has created some characteristic hot springs and pleasant natural pools that allow you to immerse yourself and take advantage of the warmth rising from the earth.

The whole island is a pleasant spa open all year round and among its particularities we want to point out the town and the pools of Gadir, not far from Giorgio Armani’s house.

Another enchanted place is the Mirror of the Lake of Venus which occupies the bottom of an ancient volcano with a water temperature of around 40 ° C, perfect for mud baths and treatments.

In the Benikulà Cave, also called a “dry bath”, you can make a natural sauna with water, making vapor come out of the ground.

In the Favare area, at the foot of the Montagna Grande, on the other hand, you can witness the spectacle of particular jets of reddish water vapor. Finally, the volcanic cone of Kuddia Mida from which vapors continually escape is worth mentioning.

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