Tai’an. Mount Tai Fengshan Ceremony Large Scale Live Performance

Tai’an. Mount Tai Fengshan Ceremony Large Scale Live Performance

A large-scale live performance, Chinese Mount Tai Fengshan Ceremony, has been financed with 300 ML Yuan (49 ML dollars). The performance area is 8.600 sqm and allows from 2.200 to 2.700 spectators.

The performance emphasizes the Chinese Spirit and respect for heaven and nature. It praises the idea that ‘man is an integral part of nature’.

It draws from Taishan Culture and focuses on historical stories of Chinese Emperors during Fengshan Cerimonies in the Qin Dinasty (221-206 b.C.), Han Dinasty (206-220 a.D), Tang Dinasty (618-907), Song Dinasty (960-1279) and Qing Dinasty (1644-1911).

The Fengshan ceremony (Worship of heaven and earth)

Mount Tai was the sole holy mountain where emperors could keep dialogue with the gods.

According to records, during the pre-Qin period (before 221 BC), 72 emperors, including Huang- ti, visited Mount Tai to hold theocratic awarding ceremonies.

After the Qin Dynasty (211 – 206 BC), 12 emperors visited Mount Tai and held Fengshan and sacrificial ceremonies. During the ceremonies, the emperors would declare the prosperity of the country, the unity of the nation, and the peace and prosperity of the people to the world.

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