Tasting of ancient Monococco Wheat based products in Paliano

Tasting of ancient Monococco Wheat based products in Paliano

On weekends you can enjoy a particular tasting experience based on monococcum wheat at the Bertacco farmhouse in Paliano.

A tasting lunch that begins with an appetizer with "fried monococcum wheat pizza" and cherry tomatoes and continues with the famous monococcum wheat pasta topped with porcini mushrooms and a trickle of local oil from the ancient Rosciola cultivar.

Then follow the second courses with meat raised on the farm and cheeses, cold cuts. All accompanied by local wines made from Cesanese and Passerina grapes.

Lunch ends by tasting the special tart with homemade jam, created according to the traditional recipe of grandmother Elvina.

However, the farm experience can continue with a tour of the farm and vineyard, listening to Livio's stories about his proprietary monococcus wheat.

Coming to the Bertacco farmhouse tasting means living a day in good company with excellent food and relaxing in the greenery of Paliano and learning something more about life in the countryside.

It is possible to book for lunch and buy the monococcum wheat products that you can reproduce on your tables.

Paliano Wheat Monococco Bertacco Farm

Contact information:  Agriturismo Bertacco
Fb: Agriturismo Bertacco
Instagram: @Agriturismobertacco
Contrada Poggio Romano
03018 Paliano (FR)

Livio Perini 338 3081 104


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