Sangria at Donati's in Paliano
Sangria at Donati's in Paliano

Tasting of fruit ad wine at Donati's in Paliano

Sangria? Prosecco? Fruit can be paired with wine and savory dishes for an original and tasty appetizer. The tradition of eating peaches with wine is well known in Ciociaria but today it is increasingly common to pick some particular varieties of fruit to be accompanied with quality wine.

For example, the Platicarpe peaches by Donati in Paliano are excellent paired with with a good fresh Prosecco or with a Spritz.

To experience these emotions and to learn some pairing secrets, it's possible to book a tasting experience at Donati's.

It starts with a tour of the orchard and the story of Mariano, who for generations has taken care of the welfare of the trees with love, and ends with the tasting of every kind of peaches and wines plunged in the beautiful landscape of Paliano's countryside.

A simple and tasty appetizer based on genuine fruit that offers sensory experiences and leaves the door open to creativity to invent new pairigs to enjoy with friends.

Reservation is recommended and it is possible to buy fruit and wines, in particular Paliano's famous Cesanese del Piglio DOCG wine.
I peschi di Paliano di Donati

Contacts:  Azienda Agricola F.lli Donati
Fb: Mariano Donati
Instagram: @Marianodonati
Via Fontana Barabba Zona “La Selva”
03018 Paliano (FR)

Mariano Donati 338 400 3983

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