Santa Marinella. Museum of the Sea and Ancient Navigation

The Museum of the Sea and Ancient Navigation of Santa Marinella shows the link with the sea over the centuries in this stretch of coast.

The exhibition starts from the Bronze Age with the Phoenician port of Pyrgi, where an important Etruscan sanctuary was located. The visit is also a splendid tour inside the castle of Santa Severa where the museum is located.

In one room, there is a reproduction of a side of a Roman ship loaded with amphorae and tools like an ancient Roman lamp.

The history of Pyrgi is that of a Phoenician commercial port that was very flourishing during the Etruscan period when it was the outlet to the sea of ​​the important city of Caere, today Cerveteri.

In the seven rooms of the museum are exhibits from Pyrgi, but also from the seabed of the coast which includes Cemtumcellae (today Civitavecchia), and reproduction of ancient naval instruments.

The museum was set up in the village of the Castle of Santa Severa in the rooms called La Polveriera, Il Caminetto and La Casa dei Somari.

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