Rieti. Motosciatoria Terminillo (MotorCycle and Cycling Race)

Rieti. Motosciatoria Terminillo (MotorCycle and Cycling Race)

In April, a curious event organized by the Hobby Moto d'Epoca Association and the Motoclub '97, and an exhibition dedicated to vintage motorcycles with the participation of the most representative Reatini pilots.

The competition is attended by motorcyclists and skiers from all over the Region, who parade by arm in their vintage motorcycles from Rieti to Terminillo.

It is a re-enactment of the first edition of the competitive Motorcycling, which took place on February 27, 1938.

The competition consisted of a mixed test of cross-country skiing and motorcycle regularity, which could be attended by all motorcyclists skiers or motorcyclists with a skier on board.

The two had to tackle a course, from Rome to Terminillo, and a cross-country skiing circuit.

The re-enactment ends with the start of the old 5 km long cross-country ski run by the participating skiers.

During the day beyond the historical re-enactment, it is possible to follow an enogastronomic itinerary with the best products of the province of Rieti.

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