"Il Mattarello", Venturina e Franco
Il Mattarello Venturina e Franco

Gnocchetti pasta of Paliano, a must at the table

Handmade pasta is the flavor of Italy, it represents parties and celebrations of special days. Our grandmothers knew all the secrets of a good dough that today can be found in the pastas by the Mattarello of Paliano, the laboratory is the kingdom of Venturina and Franco.

Venturina and Franco are the protagonists of Paliano's Sundays, and their gnocchetti (long gnocchi) are on all family tables. They had started their activity in the restaurant business but the passion for fresh pasta overwhelmed them and they opened the Il Mattarello shop in Paliano.

Gnocchetti are a pasta made with water, flour and salt that are perfect for the Ciociara cuisine based on tomato sauce or to accompany porcini mushrooms souce.

But if you go and visit them, don't forget to try the famous egg fettuccine and all the other shapes of pasta that they prepare every day.

You can find Venturina and Franco's pasta at the Mattarello laboratory or you can taste it in some restaurant in Paliano.

Contacts: Il Mattarello

di Rosina Venturina
viale Umberto I , 7 

Fb: @IlmatterelloPaliano 

pasta of Mattarello laboratory

pasta of Mattarello laboratory

Vetrina realizzata con il contributo del Comune di Paliano

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