La pesca di Paliano
La pesca di Paliano

Donati's Peach in Paliano


At Donati's you can find 3 different qualities of peaches to satisfy the most demanding palates and that you can taste fresh during different periods of the year.

The Donati brothers' orchard is the paradise of the peaches in Paliano where the brothers have picked over the years the most tasty, colored and crunchy fruits.

Crossing the tree-lined paths , plunged in the green of Paliano's countryside, you can see rainbows of colors and feel all the scents that make you want to try the peaches straight from the trees.

Donati has been cultivating for genrations without the use of pesticides while Mariano tells us about the Percoche Peach utilized for the production of peaches in syrup, and of the Platicarpe peach considerd "in vogue".
In fact its flat shape and the aromatic taste make it perfect for tastings and appetizers based on prosecco.

The star among the peaches is without doubt the Sweetdream, a peach by the sweet flavor, that distinguishes itself for its constant crunchyness and for the fact that its gets sweeter and tastier the longer it stays on the tree

All the peaches have something special and Paliano's ones are no exeption. Upon resevation, tastings and guided visists can be scheduled. Not to miss, in April; is the blossoming of the circa 60 hactares of orchard that gifts you with priceless emotions and scents and has become a favored site for naturalist photographers.

Azienda Agricola Donati's peaches are available from may to august, and you can purchaise them on its selling spot
Donati's Peach in Paliano

Contacts:  Azienda Agricola F.lli Donati
Fb: Mariano Donati
Instagram: @Marianodonati
Via Fontana Barabba Zona “La Selva”
03018 Paliano (FR)

Mariano Donati 338 400 3983

Showcase promoted by the Municipality of Paliano

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