Cantina Brassicola , Fabio Di Folco
Cantina  Brassicola , Fabio Di Folco

Happening, the artisanal beer of Paliano

The historic center of Paliano has become an essential stop for all craft beer enthusiasts thanks to Fabio di Folco and his Cantina Brassicola Digitale. Entering the place you find yourself immersed in the 'paradise' of craft beers and under the expert guidance of Fabio you can have real sensory experiences based on the season, the climate and even the mood with which you want to explore the world of beers.

For lovers of the Belgian style, Fabio di Folco together with Donna Vittori who produces cereals in Paliano, has created Happening a Season with rich and complex aromas with references to shortcrust pastry, acacia honey, ripe yellow fruit and apple quince

On the palate we find the fruity notes and a slight acidity that streamlines the drink.

Bitter and spicy finish, donated by yeasts and noble hops Perle, Hallertau, East Kent Goldings.

Meeting for a drink in Paliano and listening to Fabio's stories is a real joy, but beer can also be ordered online on the Cantina Brassicola website.


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Happening -  Cantina Brassicola e Donna Vittori

Happening, the artisanal beer of Paliano

Vetrina promossa dal Comune di Paliano

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