Settefrati Agricola San Maurizio
Settefrati Agricola San Maurizio

Marzolina under oil

Marzolina, a cheese that takes its name from the month (March) in which goats produce the best milk. The first spring shoots perfume the first lactation of the goats and the result is a cheese that can be tasted with the nose and palate.

Maria Pia and her family raise particular native breeds of sheep from which they collect fresh milk every day that they work in the dairy of their Azienda Agricola San Maurizio between Settefrati and Picinisco.

Culture and tradition, innovation and experimentation. These are the keywords to describe their work as shepherds and dairies in the Comino Valley.

In addition to the famous Pecorino di Picinisco DOP, the Marzolina is one of the delights of this land with its particular shape of small elongated cylinders.

It is made from milk coming from two milkings. It is coagulated with rennet produced by Maria Pia's family. It is then eaten fresh, or left to mature in special rooms such as those of the dairy.

To preserve this very special cheese and be able to enjoy it all year round, it is traditional to put the cheeses in oil in glass jars.

The colour of the cheese changes from white to ivory and the flavour is enriched to the point of becoming a real tasting experience not to be missed.

It deserves a taste, and certainly travel to find it too. 

Settefrati, Marzolina sott'olio


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