Paliano's dry sausage
Paliano's dry sausage

Paliano's dry sausage

Appetizer, starter or dinner with friends, the Giasi Dry Sausage is always an excellence at the table to enjoy with friends, perhaps with a Spritz al Cesanese.

The mixture is made from the special Duroc breed pork, seasoned with salt, garlic and chilli, and a glass of white wine.

Simona prepares the sausage by hand and utilizes all the ingredients from her farm, ties td on hem with a string and leaves it to dry in a well-ventilated spot.

The sausages are prepared, seasoned and preserved according to the manners and traditions passe by her parents.

After a few days the sausage will have a redder color until it is ready to taste.

The Paliano sausage prepared as if it was "homemade" gifts you with authentic aromas and flavors.

In the Giasi Agricultural Butcher's we can find special products for every event and experience the traditions of Paliano's countryside. And if you seek to learn how to do it, it is always book an experience with Simona.
Paliano's dry sausage  by Giasi in Paliano

Contacts: Azienda Agricola Giasi 
Fb: Simona Masssimi 
Via Porcino 28 Paliano 

Simona 334 881 7673

Showcase promoted by the Municipality of Paliano

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