Rocca Priora Polenta Refettata with mushrooms or broccoli
Rocca Priora Polenta Refettata with mushrooms or broccoli

Polenta Refettata with mushrooms or broccoli




The Refetta polenta is one of the traditional dishes of Rocca Priora that Enrico Zaratti of the Angolo d'Oro restaurant has decided to propose on his menu.

Enrico is a chef and a pizza maker instructor who took care of this restaurant started in 1986 by his father.

His innovation is also that of proposing dishes from the Castelli Romani cuisine by interpreting them.

This is the story of polenta refried with mushrooms or with broccoli. For years, polenta has been one of the dishes at the basis of the tradition of the people of Rocca Priora, the highest of the Castelli Romani towns known for its harsh climate in winter.

The recipe starts with yellow flour polenta cooked in 'callaro', turning it for a long time. Once cooked, it is seasoned with mushrooms collected in the woods of the Castelli Romani Park or with broccoli from Rocca Priora and left to cool.

The polenta is then cut into slices with an iron (not a knife) which are placed on layers back inside the callaro. At this point the polenta is cooked again just as it used to be.

It is served in slices and goes perfectly with a red wine of the Castelli Romani DOC especially those produced on the slope towards the Lazio coast.


Rocca Priora, Polenta Refettata with mushrooms or broccoli


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