Rocca Priora, Fraschetteria of Anrea Pucci
Rocca Priora, Fraschetteria of  Anrea Pucci

White truffle of the Castelli Romani

The white truffle of the Castelli Romani is a real delight and a pleasant taste discovery.

It all starts with Andrea Pucci and his farm in Rocca Priora. Andrea has been a natural truffle quarrier for about 10 years.

the truffles that he grows together with his cousin Claudio are available according to the seasons: the summer Scorzone, the Bianco Pregiato in autumn, the winter Moscato and the Nero Uncinato Pregiato during the winter.

The best truffle ever is the prized white with its oval shape and a weight ranging from 30 to 70 grams. A truffle with angular shapes and an off-white color.

Andrea recommends using it grated over noodles with butter or over a simple fried egg. In the laboratory of their company you can taste truffle-based products. It is recommended to accompany these dishes with a fresh white wine such as a Bellone.

You can find truffles in the family agri-food company


Rocca Priora, Tartufo Bianco dei Castelli Romani


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via della Rocca

O0079 Rocca Priora (RM)

Tel 328 8332083

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