Wines Antica Tenuta Palombo -Atina DOP Cabernet
Wines Antica Tenuta Palombo -Atina DOP Cabernet

Antica Tenuta Palombo , Atina DOP Cabernet

A wine with an intense color and an unmistakable aroma that tells a story in its taste.

A woman and two children. Innovation and tradition. This is the spirit of the Antica Tenuta Palombo and its leader, Natalia Baglione, always surrounded by her children.

And this is also the essence that is perceived when tasting a bottle of this excellent Atina PDO Cabernet from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.

We are in Val di Comino and the cultivation of cabernet has a long history that begian in the 19th century. Knowledge and love for good wine are now part of the local culture and the Antica Tenuta Palombo was born in 1980.

The grapes are harvested manually before being processed in a state-of-the-art cellar. Maceration is on the skins at a controlled low temperature with continuous pumping.

Then 30% of the wine rests in second fermentation wooden barrels while 70% is put in steel. The two wines are finally blended after 6-8 months and remain in the bottle for at least another 12 months before being available for tastings.

The result is a wine with an excellent structure, balanced and persistent with soft and velvety tannins. A fruity scent of undergrowth and ripe red fruits with hints of red oranges and a slight spiciness.

Atina PDO Cabernet has an alcohol content of 14 percent and is suitable for accompanying both white and red meat main courses.

Contacts: Antica Tenuta Palombo

Via dei Normanni 87

03042 Atina

Tel 340 8652 669

FB @anticatenutapalombo

IS @anticatenutapalombo

sito web

mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Atina DOP Cabernet

Atina Antica Tenuta Palombo Atina DOP Cabernet

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