Cimento wine, Cabernet di Atina DOP
Cimento wine, Cabernet di Atina DOP

Cimento wine, Cabernet di Atina DOP

Val di Camino is a valley dedicated to the cultivation of grapes, a vine that has settled perfectly and a master who produces wine.

This is the essence of the Sabatini Estate in Atina in Val di Comino and the Cimento of Sabaltini Estate, a cabernet of Atina DOP.

Gino Sabatini is not only a producer but has always maintained his didactic spirit as a retired teacher. Ten years ago he transformed his cellar into a small museum where he collected ancient tools and instruments used by the inhabitants of the Comino Valley.

It all started from a family press of over 70 years of age. Today the oldest press dates back to 1860 and in the museum you can see a particular crusher from 1900.

Entering the cellar you will find the modern equipment for making wine.

Cimento is an Atina Cabernet DOP and owes its name to Colle Cimento under the village of Atina where the production vineyards are located.

The wine has a ruby ​​red colour and an intense floral scent with hints of herbs and undergrowth. Its flavour is intense with tannins that have been tamed over the years in the bottle.

You can find the wine on the web or by going to the cellar in Atina where the master will be happy to welcome you and take you on a tour, on a trolley equipped with cushions, around the vineyard.



Sabatini Alessandra Azienda Agricola
Via Colle Cimento 102
03042 Atina
Tel 0776 691508
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Cimento wine, Cabernet di Atina DOP

Atina Cimento wine, Cabernet di Atina DOP of Sabatini Alessandra

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