Homestead Barone - Marcon Atina DOC Cabernet - Riserva 2017
Homestead Barone - Marcon Atina DOC Cabernet - Riserva 2017

Marcon Atina DOC Cabernet Reserve 2017

When you have the patience to wait a few years you can reach the intensity and aromas of this reserve wine of Atina DOC Cabernet.
Marcon is a wine that speaks for itself, to be enjoyed while enjoying every sip.
It comes from selected grapes that do not undergo pressing in their processing. After fermentation it is immediately placed in French oak barrels of first passage where it is left for about two years to create that complexity of aromas that makes it immediately recognizable.
The result is a ruby ​​red wine with garnet reflections with aromas ranging from floral and fruity notes to slightly balsamic spicy ones.
A velvety tannin that makes it pleasant to sip this wine also as an appetizer, but always accompanying it with some snacks.
Its alcohol content of 14.5 degrees that would make it only suitable to accompany meat-based main courses.
And the history of the name smacks of love for its territory. It is a tribute to the great Marco who helped his grandfather in the cultivation of the vine and his dream. He had returned from Scotland to Val di Comino to rediscover his roots and the traditions of the valley.
The brothers of Masseria Barone are a concentrate of poetry and their wines could not be different.
You can find the wines of Masseria Barone on the web or by visiting them in Atina to be enchanted by the suggestive Comino Valley.


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Marcon Atina DOC Cabernet - Riserva 2017

Atina Masseria Barone - Marcon Atina DOC Cabernet - Riserva 2017

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