I Lori, Monsignore, Lazio IGT wine
I Lori, Monsignore, Lazio IGT wine

Monsignore, Lazio IGT wine

A surprising white wine from the sweet vineyards of Cori where the scents of the sea combine with those of the Lepini Mountains. Cori's grapevine is the original Bellone, but there are many ways of interpreting this native vine.

Monsignore is a wine produced from 100% Bellone grapes and after some work in steel containers, it is aged for 2 months in oak barrels. To the freshness of the bellone, therefore, are added the characteristic notes that make this wine one of the most intriguing.

The floral and fruity aromas are made softer by the notes of vanilla and caramel that give a particular complexity to this white wine, and make it suitable to be paired with more intense dishes, such as meat-based ones.

A wine to be enjoyed fresh as an aperitif with its 13.5 degrees, but also throughout the meal, to accompany the many different dishes served.

I Lori is a company that combines poetry and technology, which loves to experiment but always by respecting the history of the place. Roberto Palombelli and his family deeply love the territory and try to tell and interpret it in a unique and engaging way.


Azienda Agricola I Lori
Via Provinciale Cori-Norma
04010 Cori – LT

Phone 328 2856 518

e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fb azienda Agricola I Lori
Website www.iloriaziendaagricola.it

Monsignore, Lazio IGT wine

Cori I Lori, Monsignore, Lazio IGT wine

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