MACA Fine Arts Academy linked to Frosinone
MACA Fine Arts Academy linked to FrosinoneMACA Fine Arts Academy linked to Frosinone

MACA, Fine Arts Academy linked to Frosinone

MACA is the Museum of Contemporary Art within the Fine Arts Academy in Frosinone.

It is the first example of integration between museums and institutes, and now all the academies of Italy follow this example by opening museums and becoming more and more integrated with the area where they are located. The academy becomes a pulsating place for students and citizens, a cultural centre.

But how did this simple and revolutionary idea arise at this time?

Three years ago, the academy moved to a new venue, a huge unification era schoolhouse that dominates a whole hill of Frosinone. Palazzo Tiravanti is impressive and bright and regular spaces make you want to break regularity with creative concepts.

Thus fantasy can be freed and on two of the long hallways an art gallery with almost 80 works was set up. Works interrupt regularity with provocative designs, shapes and colours. All have been donated by artists who have collaborated or had relationships with the Academy in its over 43 years of activity.

It will be the light of the valley that is reflected in the white walls of the institute, it may be the historical position or perhaps only the influence of the spirit of art, but since they moved to this palace, the academy appears as if it were integrated (or maybe 'befriended') by the city.

Cultural symbiosis began with subways of the railway station, where light games were built with an installation of panels called 'Dark in colour' and it is continued on the surface. After the construction of the new football stadium, students at the Academy have won the contest for the construction of the new Matusa Park.
Meanwhile, 'Thursday Get-Togethers' with characters and artists, are open to the more and more numerous people who hear stories or lessons about contemporary art.

The real 'engagement ceremony' with the city of Frosinone took place last June with the Open Day event, which will be repeated every year, transforming it into a Festival of Academies.

The palace has been the scene of a fashion show, exhibitions and concerts. In the evening, then, the facade became a large screen for a work of Mapping, the art of playing with the lights creating works with the power of suggestion and images accompanied by sounds. A giant installation that left people agape concerning the technical quality of the performance and the emotional intensity of the work.

With this Open Day, the academy has come to its most fulsome involvement in the life of the city, and not just by the students, as it makes Frosinone ever more alive and present. It is a city much loved by its citizens who enthusiastically participate in every cultural initiative.

And this is also a sign of re-opening of an entire territory where art has played a key role in the past and can once again be a force to attract tourists, especially youth.

The experience of visiting a place where ancient art is a cornerstone for today's creativity has a particular charm and the Frosinone Academy already has active collaborations with other academies in the world.

Written by:
Claudia Bettiol

Engineeer, futurist, joint founder of Energitismo and founder of Discoverplaces. Consultant for the development and promotion of the Touristic Development of Territories specialising in...

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