Welcoming the Year of the Goat

Welcoming the Year of the Goat

Take care if you turn 60, 48, 36 or 24 this year (that is at Chinese New Year after 18 February, 2015), you are a goat and this is your Ben Ming Nian, the year of your sign and according to traditional Chinese astrology, it could be unlucky for you, unless of course it is lucky.

But, looking on the bright side you like company and are seen to be calm, shy, stable, gentle mild-mannered, sympathetic, amicable, and to have a strong sense of kindheartedness and justice. You don’t butt people or ‘butter them up the wrong way.’

When you are making up to your spouse after one of your forecast regular fights, you are likely, if you are a man, to give her carnations. Hopefully, your partner is a pig, horse or rabbit, because woe-betide those who marry a dog, dragon, ox or snake, and if you really want an exciting time, try partnering a rat.

Those of you goats who are still young, say 24 or even just bordering on teenage years, you have time on your side to select a mate who provides you with most happiness even with a slightly rough road on occasions. Your mate may enjoy that you like buying fashionable goods that highlight elegance and style.

In this ambition, you may wish to acquire an elegant fine ceramic goat representing your being as well as your style. The goats adorning this article follow traditional Chinese elegance, reflect the best of ceramic art worldwide and are produced by Ezio Zanardello of Ahura in Nove near Venice.

You are a kind and gentle goat. What should you do in life, outside of love? This depends on your native skills. You have internal resolve and think a lot. Your opinions are difficult to shift. Fortunately you are also creative and enjoy professional pursuits, even though you do not want to be the center of attention.

As a goat, you may think that you can eat virtually anything, not quite as carelessly as a pig, but still sharing the best with a fair share of roughage. But you are advised to eat fresh and organic produce, and eliminating red meat. Of course, this is probably appropriate as you roam the hills and dales seeking your daily exercise and fresh air, just nibbling here and there. Remember to keep regular.

From another perspective, this year is, in the 60 year astrological cycle, a year of the ‘wood goat’. To explain the complete cycle and the various significances would require a lengthy treatise; it should be sufficient to say that just 60 years ago the first McDonalds was opened in Illinois. We wonder what fortune the current wood goat year will bring us?

Those of us who are one of the other 11 zodiacal animals may seek out a goat as a friend or business partner, as even though you are not easy to befriend, once you become a friend you will work hard for the relationship and it will be peaceful and profitable, without many demands from you.

But what about your bankability? Why is it that you appear to be unlucky in money and not so lucky in love? Maybe you should become a banker or even an accountant and concentrate on increasing income and decreasing expenditure. One certainty from our astrological adviser is that, as a goat, you should avoid a Chinese propensity to spend all day at the races and all night at the casino.

But then, in one of your preferred careers as an actor or musician, your evenings will be consumed with quietly entertaining the other 92% of us. So enjoy being a goat and teach the profligate many how to live a simple and calm life.

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