Cantina Bella Vista
Cantina Bella Vista

Cantina Bella Vista, eating in a cave in front of the most beautiful view of Paliano

Simona decided to open the restaurant Bella Vista – Beautiful View in 2014 but it was a program that she had been cultivating together with her mother for several years. The problem has always been the position in the historical center of the town and above all the size of the cellar, which was really too small.

Simona and her mother did not want to open only a winery, but the size of the cave did not allow her to have a bigger place until they bought the cellar next to them. Thus, officially began the story of Bella Vista: an exciting family passion.

Even today, Simona decided to offer the typical dishes of the local tradition and above all of the Ciociara region.

Her mother is a great woman and a great ‘mixer’ of fresh handmade pasta. She decided to focus on the long gnocco (fettuccina) and the potato gnocco and so the winery was immediately a great success. Even today it represents the cuisine of the past but with a unique panorama: it is the most beautiful place in Paliano.

Simona and her mother received this inheritance from her grandmother: a cellar as it once was and a special cave.

The locanda started thanks to the great passion for cooking and was immediately successful with some typical Ciociaria dishes which were then increased with local products, including the long gnocco, in dialect "coda de soreca" (mouse tail), made with water and flour with porcini mushrooms sauce, and the potato gnocco with ribs sauce.

The latter was the dish that her grandmother always cooked for her and used to tell her: "Cecali" (make them a little curved).

Today Simona presents a new dish: "Bella Vista": a potato dumpling, cherry tomatoes, speck and flakes of salted ricotta. In short, green, white and red: the colors of Italy!

Cantina Bella Vista

Ristorante Cantina Bella vista

The most appreciated dish by customers is the homemade pasta which is now rare to find. All the ladies who knead in the kitchen are from Paliano: Simona's aunt and a relative of her.

What makes Simona happy – together with the Bella Vista women - is to see people happy and satisfied with what they are eating, the "poor" meals of the tradition!

But the main satisfaction is that of having carried on the desire of her grandmother who always asked her to open a place in her small cellar, Bella Vista – Beautiful View.

And so, over the years, in a small place that seemed forgotten by the world and with many efforts, Simona arranged the cellar and the cave, and has realized the dream of a lifetime.

Simona's bond with Paliano is very deep: “In my opinion it is one of the most beautiful towns in the area. It has a lot of potential. But what binds me a lot to this town is my family, my traditions, the territory and the products. "

Cantina Bella Vista is open Thursday evening, Friday evening, Saturday lunch and dinner and Sunday lunch.

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