The Locanda degli Angeli Silvana with her daughters
The Locanda degli Angeli

Pork with officinal herbs by the Locanda degli Angeli in Paliano

One of the most characteristic restaurants in the countryside of Paliano is the Locanda degli Angeli, born nine years ago thanks to a beautiful dream kept too long in a drawer. Silvana wanted to take up her mother's traditions and celebrate the dishes she grew up with.

Every day Silvana puts all of herself and a great passion into the work she does. She is a self-taught person: she experiments with all her products and then brings them to the table, letting her beautiful children taste them first.

In addition to her love for her profession, she immensely loves working with her children. She left her first job with no regrets and after 9 years of commitment and many difficult moments, she manages to give a salary to her children who lead the business with her. And this is one of the best satisfactions for a mother who has made the bet to become an entrepreneur.

Her dishes reflect tradition with a lot of innovation. Traditions that obviously come from her mother, a fantastic cook who often cooked simple but intense dishes for her. It is the same sensation that Silvana feels every time she repeats her dishes: the emotion of those fantastic perfumes is indelible in her heart.

Here at Locanda Degli Angeli everyone must feel at home. All the magic starts from the garden where there are two walnut trees, the fulcrum of the whole inn, planted by the mother thirty years ago and from a long avenue bordered with lavender flowers.

Then the magic continues in the dining room, a relaxing place where people can enjoy a familiar and regenerating atmosphere. As in the inns of the past where travellers stopped to rest before traveling again. And soon Silvana would like to complete her dream with some guest rooms.

La Locanda degli Angeli Paliano
Gnocchi alla curcuma Locanda degli Angeli Paliano
Sala  della Locanda degli Angeli Paliano

The special dish of the Locanda and to which Silvana is very fond is the pork with medicinal herbs that is pampered for two days in the refrigerator with various flavours and herbs. It is then placed in the oven at a medium-low temperature and cooked delicately for three hours.

Another workhorse of which today we will leave you with your mouth watering is "the gnocco fantasy", that is revisited water and flour gnocchi: there are purple carrot gnocchi, turmeric gnocchi and rucola gnocchi, sauteed with yellow datterino (a variety of small tomatoes) and finished with crispy bacon.

The dumpling remains a great family tradition that Locanda Degli Angeli offers in various versions: mixed with pistachio, with borage, courgette, aubergine ... and then of course everyone has their own sauce!

And their pride is the extra virgin olive oil from Rosciola and Tonda olives and drops of oil are always poured on every dish that comes out of the kitchen to release the uniqueness of the aromas of the Paliano olive groves.

Silvana and her whole beautiful family are waiting for you at Locanda degli Angeli to immerse you in a unique sensory experience with typical local products.

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