Sept 8: Roman Carnival / ShowJumping at the Stadium

Sept 8: Roman Carnival / ShowJumping at the Stadium

The finish of the Longines Global Champions Tour for Show Jumping on September 8 was entrusted to the Association of the Roman Carnevals that promotes the ancient Italian equestrian tradition, presenting it in a contemporary way.

Few can imagine the glories of the papal courts over the centuries and in particular in the Baroque period. It is in these years that the great parties were created with majestic scenery. Bernini was indeed a great architect, but he was also an organizer of outdoor events and festivals. He was partly responsible for the infiorata tradition that lives again in a different way every year in many towns of Lazio (and not only).

The Roman carnival was a tradition in which competitions and equestrian performances were held and this spirit is what led horse lovers to propose an event that puts equestrian art at the centre.

Certainly once upon a time the relationship with the animal was much less respectful of the horse while all the shows of today are carried out in such a way as to respect the animal and reward a relationship of enjoyment and challenge between horses and riders.

The idea has become an unforgettable spectacle in the scenario of the Stadium 'dei Marmi' where both carousels of horses and artists have performed.

Perhaps the most poetic part were the events in which horses and riders danced in sync using plays of colour with ribbons and lights. Slow movements to the rhythm of emotional music that made the night of Rome even more magical.

It is true that all the spectators loved the horses but few could imagine to be projected into a dreamlike dimension where you could relive the glories of the Baroque while being in the present.

Rome presented as few imagine it and an even more magical Rome thanks to the Roman Carnival.

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