Why have a Town Ambassador Award? The Club and the winners of 2019

Why have a Town Ambassador Award? The Club and the winners of 2019

The year 2019 has started off with the landing by China on the back side of the moon and the birth of an award dedicated to those who have worked for years to create 'the seeds for development of their territories'.

At this point, do you wonder what a 'seed for development' is? The answer is very simple: they are those manifestations, those events, those initiatives capable of attracting the attention of people to a territory and enabling them to share a positive emotion or an experience.

They are seeds on which a future tourism project launch can be built not only of a town but of a larger territory. They are seeds based on the material and intangible culture of a territory. They have a very high intrinsic value.

Sometimes, indeed often, they are enterprises and events born from the desire to create value for a territory and place it on the international limelight but these events have not given the expected result. This is not due to lack of quality but because they were not (or are) included in a network of proposals for the territory and have not been adequately promoted.

Let me explain: if you want to go to Vienna's New Year's Concert, I do not have to add value to the concert because its fame is great in every part of the world. It is almost Vienna that today benefits from the concert.

But if I think of the New Year's Concert of San Vito Romano (which is of the highest level) then I have a strategic choice: let it continue to be a one day event for the locals or enter the concert into a proposal for 'discovery of the territory' a weekend event that also involves other municipalities.

Here then the 'New Year's Concert of San Vito Romano' becomes a seed for the development of the territory. But the organizers must make an evolutionary shift towards the tourism economy: they must think online and define a communication strategy.

Seen through this lens, many of our municipalities have their 'seed of development' that often have been confused with many other initiatives that they do during the year and they have not thought about communicating in a strategic and targeted way.

And the problem of many of these 'seeds of development' was precisely the lack of strategic communication, that communication aimed at involving a specific group of tourists. Then we should realize that these seeds must be watered and pampered with patience to subsequently produce fruits that can feed everyone.

As Discoverplaces we deal with strategic communication and we have realized for years the potential of our villages and towns and their initiatives. We have been waiting to grow as a portal and to have more readers to launch initiatives to support these 'seeds of development'. We are like the water that grows the seedlings.

Someone sows and someone waters, someone prunes and someone puts the support for the trunk, but all together we want to ensure that the seedling can bear fruit. And as in the best biodynamic agriculture, we know that every plant lives in symbiosis with the others and that it is strengthened in a synergistic operation with other living organisms.

'Town Ambassador' Club

With this example of the synergy of organisms in the world of biodynamic agriculture, we wanted to create a prize for the "seeds of development" and for those who planted them.

They are special people, with a vision of the future and a great love for their town and country. They are persevering people who have not given up in the face of the adversities that inevitably fate sets before each of us. They have overcome them and have won them with class and humility.

We are convinced that if all these people met on occasions specifically designed to facilitate the exchange of experiences and the birth of a network, the result would be a rapid development of an entire territory.

Hence the idea of ​​the Town Ambassador Award which is a recognition of the value of what has been done and also the beginning of a path of growth in symbiosis with the territory.

There are moments of public recognition but also moments of study and reflection on how to inject the value that has been created to form a true tourism economy of the territory.

After all, these events and initiatives are an intangible 'common good' from which we can all benefit. We need to get to know them more closely, promote them in every way and understand how they all can grow together.

The Winners of Awards in 2019

“Gruppo La Ciociaria e la Provincia di Frosinone in Foto” with Franco Olivetti Organization

Among the Associations, the Fb group "Gruppo La Ciociaria e la Provincia di Frosinone in Foto" is awarded with the Franco Olivetti Organization of photographers is rewarded for the promotion of the beauty of Ciociaria, but above all for the initiative to promote the culture of photography.
The association promotes courses aimed at anyone who wants to approach the art of photography and we know that in our world of social media, Instagram and Facebook, fotography is the essential element to catch and excite people.
Promoting the culture of photography, in addition to the beauty of the territories, is a great merit.

Professor Ivo Pulcini and his love for Leonessa

Among the individual professionals Ivo Pulcini is awarded for his life and for how he promotes his country Leonessa helping many young people to find opportunities to make their land flourish.
Ivo Pulcini is a cardiologist and sports doctor. Ivo grows up in Villa Pulcini, one of the villages of Leonessa, and with the choice of wanting to study medicine he must study and work. It achieves incredible results and is always ready to support young people and to teach them how a crisis becomes an opportunity.
He fights like a lion to be able to give fame to his Lioness and to stimulate to fly higher and higher.

Luca Calselli, the architect of culture and design of the territories

The Town Ambassador Award is also given to the architect Luca Calselli, the winner of two competitions City of Culture of Lazio: in 2018 with the project Colleferro and the twentieth century and in 2019 with San Felice Circeo and the Sea of Circe.
Luca Calselli has made classical culture and innovation the key to his success as a designer of regenerating territories and recovering their identities, encouraging the aggregation of operators and extending their gaze to the future.

Corrado Mattoccia and the "Fango e Sudore" Museum of Artena

Among the museums, the ‘Town Ambassador’ award goes to the "Fango e Sudore" (Mud and Sweat) Rugby Museum of Artena. A museum dedicated to rugby that is recognized by the FIR - Italian Rugby Federation and has close ties with all the most important institutions in the world. From the museum of the All Blacks in New Zealand to the English museum of the World Rugby Museum in Twickenham, from the international committees to the Olympic ones, the Artena museum is present in every prestigious event and only in 2019 will it have its own stands in the competition of the 6 Nations and the rugby world championships that will take place at Toyota in Japan. Its visitors come from all over the world and have regenerated the historic center of Artena.

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