Fuori Festival Anagni 2022
Fuori Festival Anagni 2022

Sparkling Wine at the Fuori Festival Anagni for the show by Andrea Buscemi and Eva Robin's

A sparkling Fuori Festival Anagni – Off Anagni Festival celebrated an equally sparkling show and evening.

The second appointment of the XXIX Festival of the Medieval and Renaissance Theater of Anagni staged a joyful Miser by Moliere with the participation of Andrea Buscemi and Eva Robbins.

Together with the councillor Carlo Marino and the artistic director Giacomo Zito, we decided that the perfect combination to celebrate this show would be the rosé sparkling wine from Cesanese grapes, a Martinotti method spumante by Casale della Ioria.

A wine to be presented at the Fuori Festival Anagni – Off Anagni Festival with a meeting and tasting after the show, with the producer and the artists in a space dedicated to the wines of Anagni.

The evening had begun in an exciting way. The public had already occupied the chairs in the square when, immediately after the sound and light checks, a violent rain hit the historic center of Anagni with lightning that illuminated the entire Valle del Sacco.

In 2 minutes, everyone got up and sought shelter in the premises of the square and in the headquarters of the Pro Loco Anagni, which is the heart of the logistics of the festival.

A cold wind came from the north and suddenly swept the summer heat and brought autumn. While the technicians protected the instrumentation with waterproof sheets, the actors had almost decided to leave for Tuscany where the theater company is based.

Then, like a miracle, everything ended, and the kind staff of the Pro Loco made rolls of paper available to dry the seats and everyone did his best to fix his chair.

The miracle took place and although an hour late, the greedy and miserly Harpagon appeared on stage and started the show.

A minimal scenography, but wonderfully effective for the show, and actors who conveyed joy managed to hit the hearts of the audience who more than a few times laughed in an irrepressible way.

A perfect show that ended with the delivery of a plaque by the mayor Daniele Natalia and a selfie of the company to celebrate the success of the evening. Anagni was the protagonist of the evening and Andrea Buscemi recalled how he had already come to the festival 15 years earlier together with Giorgio Albertazzi and Gigi Proietti.

By now the Anagni Medieval and Renaissance Theater Festival is a point of reference in the Italian cultural panorama.

At this point, Daniela Natalia and Giacomo Zito, artistic director of the Anagni Medieval and Renaissance Festival, announced the start of the Fuori Festival Anagni – Off Anagni Festival dedicated to sparkling wine.

In the space of Innocenzo III Square dedicated to the Fuori Festival we presented the Cesanese wines and answered the questions of some tourists who had stayed to learn more about the wines of the area.

A toast with the sparkling Eva Robbins, with an exchange of words on the wired combination of the Cesanese sparkling wine and the show, finally concluded the evening and we all went to cover ourselves wearing the jackets we could find.


Fuori Festival Anagni 2022 L'Avaro

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