Fuori Festival Anagni 2022
Fuori Festival Anagni 2022

Toast with the Cesanese wine at the inauguration of the Fuori Festival Anagni with the show by Simone Cristicchi

Two magical summer nights with great shows accompanied by great Anagni wines, this is the extreme synthesis of the first two evenings of the Anagni Medieval and Renaissance Theater Festival 

Two magical summer nights with great shows accompanied by great Anagni wines, this is the extreme synthesis of the first two evenings of the Anagni Medieval and Renaissance Theater Festival.

But let's start from the beginning.

While the “Orchestra dei Giovani Filarmonici Pontini - Orchestra of the Young Pontini Philharmonic” had finished the sound and light checks with technicians, we set up the table with the kings of the wines, the Cesanese del Piglio DOCG wines produced in Anagni: Hernicus by Coletti Conti and San Magno by Corte dei Papi - Court of the Popes.

The mayor Daniele Natalia, the councillor Carlo Marino and the artistic director Giacomo Zito opened the XXIX edition of the Anagni Medieval and Renaissance Theater Festival on the stage of the Pro Loco in a presentation masterfully conducted by Gaetano D’Onofrio. And on the same stage Claudia Bettiol and Alberto Coletti Conti opened the first edition of the Fuori Festival Anagni – Anagni Off Festival.

For the mayor Natalia, who raised his glasses for the inauguration toast of the Theater Festival and the Fuori Festival Anagni: "these are two interpretations of Cesanese wine that bring back not only the richness of the Anagni territory, but also the creativity of its producers who over the years have achieved their own unique style. Anagni for a week is ideally the capital of the Italian theatrical culture but also of the enological one with an absolute quality".    

For the opening night, the billboard had a show that was both grandiose and intimate at the same time. The great Orchestra dei Giovani Filarmonici Pontini accompanied Simone Cristicchi's intimate journey to discover the meaning of man on this earth. The inspiration of Dante's Paradise was the occasion of some monologues and cantatas that crossed the hearts and souls of the spectators.

We were all captivated by the simplicity and depth of Simone Cristicchi who looked just like a modern medieval minstrel. Words and music that ideally brought together all the philosophies and religions of the planet with man's desire to understand the stars.

And for Simone it is no coincidence that the word desire means de and sidera (from ancient Latin), the lack of stars. And Simone Cristicchi reached our hearts when he said that perhaps this is why Dante concludes his Hell with "And so we went out to see the stars" and his Paradise with "Love that moves the sun and the other stars".

The Fuori Festival Anagni - Off Anagni Festival evening was realized thanks to the sponsorship of Emmeauto Casilina today led by the two brothers Valerio and Valentina Falamesca who told about their love for the city and the strong connection of Anagnine companies to their territory. An entrepreneurial culture that is reflected in the history of the city and that with these events writes the present artistic culture.

At the end of the evening, the Cesanese wine bottles were given as a gift to Simone Cristicchi, the co-author of the show Manfredi Rutelli and the conductor of the orchestra Valter Sivilotti who enjoyed a memory of a great evening spent in Anagni and the warmth of the audience who never stopped applauding.

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Claudia Bettiol

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