Feast of St. Blaise with balloon launch
Feast of St. Blaise with balloon launch

Marano Equo. Feast of St. Blaise with balloon launch

St. Blaise is the patron saint of Marano Equo and the protector of those suffering from sore throats. He is celebrated on February 3 with a truly special party that ends with the launch of the hot air balloons.

The whole population is engaged for many months in the creation of large balloons in colored paper, while the children will also make a smaller version of the balloon to learn this art and pass on the tradition.

The celebrations of the day of St. Blaise begin with a religious procession in which the bust of the saint parades along the streets of the center accompanied by the musical band. At the end everyone meets in the square to eat San Biagio donuts with mulled wine and to start preparing the hot air balloons.

To inflate the balloons, a small stove is used that burns oil and wax, which makes a lot of smoke and produces hot air that naturally rises to the sky and makes the balloon rise.

After a first launch it is the turn of the small balloon made by the children.

Then everyone to taste the pizzigli in the festival that accompanies the religious celebrations.

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