La Locanda degli Angeli
La Locanda degli Angeli

Lavender bread with Rosciola and Tonda olive oil

At the Locanda degli Angeli there is a beautiful tradition: as soon as the customer arrives, a slice of lavender bread is offered. When Silvana was a child, she read the book "Lavender bread" which told of this woman who had fought for her dream and that when the customer came to her bakery, she always gave a slice of this delight.

It is a book that has always excited her and so also Silvana decided in a very romantic way to give her customers a slice of lavender bread, bringing the innkeeper's greeting to the diners.

For the Locanda it is a unique product. In fact, even today, it is mixed with the recipe for the natural yeast that Silvana's mother wrote 34 years ago!

Another great pride for Silvana is their oil. It is an oil from Rosciola and Tonda olives and drops are always poured on each dish ready to leave the kitchen to highlight its uniqueness of aromas.

The activity of Locanda degli Angeli began nine years ago thanks to Silvana's dream, kept for too long in a drawer, to resume her mother's traditions and celebrate the dishes she grew up with.

Every day Silvana puts all of herself and a great passion into the work she does. She is a self-taught person: she experiments with all her products and then brings them to the table, making her beautiful daughters taste them first.

Her greatest satisfaction is when the customer gets up and starts eating again. A satisfied but not burdened customer who appreciated the traditions and the cuisine.

Here at Locanda Degli Angeli everyone must feel at home.

Contacts: Locanda degli Angeli
di Silvana Marini

Località  Costa Croce,

Tel. +39 338 266 4396

Fb: @Locanda degli Angeli

The locanda degli Angeli

The Locanda degli Angeli

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