Restaurant Arizona, Rocca Priora
Restaurant Arizona, Rocca Priora

Orecchiette with porcini mushrooms



The orecchiette with porcini mushrooms are Gianluca's dish of excellence at the Arizona restaurant. A dish that unites the two souls of the family: that of southern origins and those of the tradition of the cuisine of the Castelli Romani in which they live.

The orecchiette are handmade every day with a mixture of water, flour and eggs.

They are served in white with the famous porcini mushrooms of Rocca Priora and are served in an earthenware pan. The dish is slightly spicy and is finished with a sprinkle of fresh parsley.

With his Arizona restaurant, Gianluca continues the tradition of his father Vittorio and their business boasts an experience of 36 years.

You can taste this specialty in the Arizona restaurant in the Colle di Fuori hamlet immersed in the lush woods of Rocca Priora.


Ristorante Arizona
Via San Cesareo ,79
00079 Rocca Priora (RM)

Tel 06 946 1342
339 591 9246

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Orecchiette with porcini mushrooms

Orecchiette with porcini mushrooms

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