Pangiallo of Rocca Priora
Pangiallo of Rocca Priora

Pangiallo of Rocca Priora



The pangiallo produced by the Forno Ruggeri is one of the desserts that best represents the Christmas of Rocca Priora and is one of the oldest recipes of the Castelli Romani.

Its preparation begins with the selection of dried fruit from local producers.

Then, in a large container, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts and raisins are poured together and mixed with Rocca Priora chestnut honey, cocoa powder and dark chocolate flakes.

The dough is worked by hand and small loaves are formed which are placed on a wooden pastry board and left to rest for at least 24 hours.

Every so often, the skilled hands of Egle and Stefano del Forno Ruggeri wet them to accompany the shape and, when they are shiny and stable, they are put in the oven. Their sensitivity in understanding the dough is the real secret of this surprising pangiallo.

The pangiallo is the most appreciated gift that the families of Rocca Priora reserve for their closest friends.

You can find the Pangiallo di Rocca Priora in the Forno Ruggeri with their store 'the Bottega delle Specialità Ruggeri' near the town center.



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Pangiallo of Rocca Priora

Pangiallo of Rocca Priora, by Forno Ruggeri

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