Terre Sane - Spelt Wheat Pasta
Terre Sane - Spelt Wheat Pasta

Spelt Wheat Pasta

Is it possible to combine taste and health? It seems that Terre Sane has made a masterpiece with its spelt wheat pasta.

The history of Terre Sane pasta begins in the fields, where the members of the cooperative cultivate the land according to natural agriculture, as well as organic. Only sun, rain and wind give strength and scents to this ancient cereal.

A scent that is then found in the dish, a flavour that is different from that of all other pastas.

Spelt is a soft wheat and it was thanks to its nutritional properties and the reduced gluten content that it fed generations of people starting from the ancient Romans.

Spelt pasta has a low glycemic index and is suitable for all those who suffer from diabetes or who are attentive to the shape but do not want to lose the joy of Italian traditions.

It has a high digestibility and is a source of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

The spelt pasta appears slightly dark in colour and rough at the right degree to marry with the sauce.

If you want to buy Terre Sane pasta you can go to the best gourmet shops or to their website www.pastaterresane.com

Pasta Terre Sane
Ripi,  Spelt Wheat Pasta


Cooperativa Terre Sane
Via Colle Lisi 9
03027 Ripi 
Tel 392 9280 9041

FB @terresane

IS terre_sane

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sito web www.pastaterresane.com

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