Wines Giacobbe in Paliano 'Nina'
Wines Giacobbe in  Paliano 'Nina'

Nina, the Passerina of Alberto Giacobbe

Paliano is the land of Passerina, an amazing Lazio IGT white wine, and the Alberto Giacobbe winery produces Nina.

Nina is a straw yellow colored wine which appears sober to the nose but which is capable of giving intense aromas of white pulp fruits and wild flowers.

Alberto Giacobbe's winery is located in Paliano along the Prenestina Way in a valley protected by Mount Scalambra where nature and soils are generous and give perfumes to the wine.

Nina is produced from 100% hand-picked Passerina del Frusinate grapes. The wine is processed in the winery of the company and is aged for three months in steel tanks at a controlled temperature and for at least another 2 months in the bottle before being placed on the market.

This white wine goes very well with the typical products of the Roman countryside and Ciociaria, which meet here.

You can taste it in the cellar with a guided experience, or buy it in the cellar or in the best wine shops.


Alberto Giacobbe Azienda Agricola

C.da San Giovenale 
03018 Paliano (FR)
Tel.392 873 8052

Fb Azienda Agricola Alberto Giacobbe
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Nina Passerina

Paliano Alberto Giacobbe Azienda Agricola Nina Passerina of Frusinate

Vetrina realizzata con il contributo del Comune di Paliano

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