Sicilian recipe of Rinaloru auruduci with Amarola or sweet and sour Gattuccio with Amarola

Sicilian recipe of Rinaloru auruduci with Amarola or sweet and sour Gattuccio with Amarola

Sicilian cuisine is rich in sweet and sour cooking thanks to the influence of the Arabs who introduced sugar in the 900s. You can find a variety of dishes seasoned with vinegar and sugar that make the experience of our kitchen unique.

A dogfish is a poor fish that lends itself well to sweet and sour preparation, called by the Sicilians 'Rinarolu', which is fished along the Sicilian coasts. In this preparation it is peeled and fried in olive oil and then seasoned with olives, capers in a sweet and sour sauce.

This recipe represents a true triumph of Sicilian flavours that are accentuated by a locally produced amaro called Amarola di Perollo and produced in Sciacca.

A liqueur with sweet / bitter notes and a slight hint of citrus that are given to it by an infusion of young Cerasuola olive leaves.

A bitterness comes from the ancient traditions of Sicilian liqueurs that our ancestors prepared for the winter. And the Cerasuola variety is the oldest and most widespread in Western Sicily, especially in the area between  Menfi and Sciacca where the agricultural landscape is characterized by expanses of vineyards and olive groves.


Sweet and sour Gattuccio recipe with Amarola


  • Rinaloru (dog fish) 500 gr cut into slices
  • Liqueur Amarola di Perollo with olive leaves 30 ml
  • EVO Oil from Tenuta Gallinella Sciacca
  • White onion 200 gr
  • Red vinegar 50 ml or more depending on how sour it is
  • Orange honey 40 gr
  • Molino San Francesco semolina flour 100 gr
  • Salt of Trapani
  • Whole roasted "caliate" almonds 50 gr
  • Raisins soaked for 10 minutes 30 gr
  • Cumin powder “A sintimentu”… to taste
  • Tender celery leaves 10
  • Wild fennel 1 stalk


Flour the skinless fish steaks with the semolina and fry them in a pan with hot oil. Just browned and coloured on both sides, remove the slices from the pan.

In the same pan add the sliced ​​onion and brown for a few minutes. As soon as the onion begins to become transparent, we add the honey and let it melt well. Then add the vinegar and the acetic vinegar and mix for a few minutes.

At this point add the fish and a pinch of salt, mix and cover for a few minutes to cook the fish completely. Then remove the lid and let the sauce thicken.

For the presentation of the dish, add the almonds, raisins, chopped celery and fennel leaves.

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