Top 3 Sunsets to enjoy for a Special Valentine's Day

Top 3 Sunsets to enjoy for a Special Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is one of the most anticipated holidays by lovers around the world, it falls on February 14th, and between a box of chocolates and another every year we must be more and more creative to amaze our better half.

Let's amaze them with a sunset!

We have chosen the Top 3 best sunsets in Lazio, to spend a Valentine's day of pure romance.

A diamond is forever, but the sun is more vintage.

The feast of lovers is a fixture in the culture of our modern world, a party that has roots in ancient Rome. It was known by the name of Lupercalia and celebrated the death and rebirth of all things, a festival that takes the romantic tone that we know today only from the nineteenth century.

A day to celebrate love, life and carefree ... let's make it unique!

A dinner with a kiss at sunset in there "Gone with the Wind" .... that nobody forgets!

So here for us, the Top 3 best sunsets in Lazio where to spend a Valentine's day ... of fire!

The Top 3 Best Sunsets in Lazio

1) Nemi, You are my strawberry!

The town near Rome in the Castelli Romani Park overlooking the lake of the same name.

[caption id="attachment_107631" align="center-block" width="750"]

View of Lake Nemi and landscape at sunset[/caption]

From the restaurants in the historic center you can enjoy a double view of the waters: the lake and the sea. If you are secluded with a menu of typical dishes and quality local products, you can enjoy a glass of wine enjoying a truly special sunset over the waters.

A handful of minutes worth of love!

[caption id="attachment_107628" align="center-block" width="750"]

View of buildings and architecture of the town of Nemi[/caption]

The town is also famous for the production of the "Nemi Strawberries", perfect for a last minute gift for couples based on liqueurs, small charms or rings that perhaps represent one of the most romantic fruits in the world.

2) Tarquinia, Who's more romantic than the Etruscans?

[caption id="attachment_107634" align="center-block" width="750"]

View at sunset over the sea from Tarquinia[/caption]

The city of Tarquinia boasts a splendid position: the medieval part is immersed on one side in the wide landscapes of the Maremma Laziale a là "800's Romance Novel", and that of the coast, which is located a few minutes from the sea.

A sea that is clearly visible from the medieval city as soon as you pass the walls that lead into the historic center.

[caption id="attachment_107610" align="center-block" width="750"]

Tarquinia - Marina di Tarquinia picture by Claudia Bettiol[/caption]

A sunset over the sea that you can almost perceive in all its beauty, with the air of the coast in our breath almost seems to be on the beach. Tarquinia, as "Etruscan dodecapoli" (Etruscan Capital) boasts of an immense cultural and museum heritage, perfect for couples who love history.

A kiss at sunset of the red sun that ignites in February will make you feel unique and you will amaze your partner with 'special effects'

And the wine? Don't worry, there are rivers in the precious shops and small taverns that will offer you an Etruscan DOC culinary experience.

3) Settefrati and Val Di Comino, A mountain on wich excitement never sets!

We are near Frosinone, in the splendid Val di Comino.

This sunset speaks of nature, something that you can notice because of its proximity to the Lazio Abruzzo and Molise National Park, but also about history because every hill in this valley has its own castle.

To see the sunset that lightens up the entire valley, you can breathe an air of lightness, accompanied by the cool February winds that somewhere behind the mountain already whitewash the PNALM (it is not a dirty word but the initials of the Lazio National Park, Abruzzo and Molise) and its mountains.

[caption id="attachment_47290" align="center-block" width="750"]Settefrati- Sentiero per Civitella Alfedena by Tonino Bernardelli

Settefrati - Trail to Civitella Alfedena by Tonino Bernardelli[/caption]

A territory rich in history, populated by some of the most beautiful and ancient towns of Lazio, in particular that of Settefrati from which you can admire the sunset over the valley.

It is impossible not to spend a weekend in the Val di Comino, alternating between the beauties of Lazio and Abruzzo especially if you are a couple looking for a good walk or an extreme trekking in the mountains of this splendid piece of Italy.

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Benedicta Lee

Born in Rome from an Italian mother and American father, she works as a freelance communications manager and designer in the tourism sector, a career and interest which she is pursuing with a...

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