May 25-27: Piazza di Siena in Rome

May 25-27: Piazza di Siena in Rome

Throughout the weekend the guided visits to the exhibition Horses, a family passion that we have cured on behalf of Casina di Raffaello, the playroom of the Municipality of Rome, continued.
The troupe of ClassHorse TV, the largest television in the equestrian world, came to do a service on the show and together we talked about how to help the growth of young people who approach the sport. The man-horse relationship has such deep roots that telling the story of the horse also means telling the story of man.
The exhibition will continue until July 22nd and we are sure that we will be able to host many other illustrious characters who, like us, have the 'gene of the horse'. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog, a book entitled "Stories of women, men, horses and art" written in two hands by Claudia Bettiol and Maria Vittori.
You can watch the interview on the "Horse Class TV" website following this link -
Or here:
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