Yesterday Cristina Morello graduated in Agri-Food Business Economics
Yesterday Cristina Morello graduated in Agri-Food Business Economics

Donna Vittori model, graduation with 110 cum laude

Cassino Thesis on Donna Vittori

Yesterday Cristina Morello graduated in Agri-Food Business Economics with a thesis entitled "The concept of Italian Lifestyle in the Donna Vittori company”. The result was a 110 with honors and an appreciation for everything we are building in the world of ancient grains.

It all starts with a study on how to enhance small agricultural businesses so that they can gain a competitive advantage from their size. If they cannot compete in terms of price and economies of scale, they can instead enhance their peculiarities and add an experience to the purchase of the product.

When we addressed the question of the cost of producing ancient wheat, also taking into account that prices double due to wild boars eating half the ears of corn in the fields, we tried to find ways to differentiate ourselves from others.

Apparently, a pack of pasta on a supermarket shelf is our competitor, but in reality that pasta is produced by a pasta factory while we are (and want to remain) an agricultural company that produces wheat and has it processed by third parties.

Our value is therefore the wheat field which is small and generally in the middle of the olive groves or vineyard with which it lives in symbiosis.


Cassino Thesis on Donna Vittori
Cassino Thesis on Donna Vittori

The first concept, which is also the first chapter of Cristina's thesis, is therefore the value of that small wheat field given by its terroir, a concept that we took from the world of wine.

Each crop is influenced by what it has around it, the type of soil and the exposure. And this concept is strengthened even more if natural agriculture is practiced without any chemical additives (and perhaps this is also why wild boars like our grains so much).

Terroir is what allows us to enhance not only our crops, but also those of many small producers because no terroir will ever be the same as another.

The second concept is to recover ancient grains, one known as Cappelli, another which is typical of our area named Autonomia B (a soft wheat whose name recalls the time of autarchy when the valley from Rome to Cassino was one of the granaries of Italy) and a spell that recalls the past and history of Rome.

Each of these grains, with the terroir of its field, has very different aromas and flavors that can become an experience when tasted together.

The third concept is then that of 'wheat tasting' and we created a protocol that can be exported to many other small farms. We studied tasting plates with an Italian porcelain company, Saturnia of Corchiano, and created a tasting process.

The fourth concept is related to the art and beauty that we have summarized in the wheat experience packages. A solution designed by the artist Edoardo Bernardi to allow you to have the tasting experience in the company or at home with friends in 'Una Domenica Italiana – An Italian Sunday', the name we have given to the line of our tasting boxes.

Cassino Thesis on Donna Vittori

Thus was born the Donna Vittori Model that Cristina Morello studied together with her supervisor, Prof. Carlo Russo, and illustrated in a beautiful graduation session in the Aula Magna of Unicas in its Cassino headquarters.

Obviously, we were sitting in the front row and we were moved both by Cristina's skill and by the applause she received from the entire commission that examined her.

Congratulations to Cristina and also congratulations to us for the appreciation. Our next objective will be to make the Donna Vittori model known and move many people to enjoy the flavor of the grains creating new opportunities for many small producers who still preserve the grains of our history and their territories.

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