Italian Amateur Theater of Liguria
Italian Amateur Theater of  Liguria

The fiction in the fiction of the fiction, the beauty of an evening at the theater

When I was a student, with my friend Sandrino we used to buy theater subscription for the Thursday afternoon shows dedicated to young people. Every year we chose between the Elysée and the Quirino Theater in Rome, in fact we were young, but we loved traditions and only sometimes we went to see the daring novelties of the Argentina Theater.

The train rides and the stops at the Trevi Fountain on the way back served to comment on what we had seen and, obviously, the most commented shows were those taken from Pirandello's stories.

But making people laugh is much more complicated than making them cry and there is a fine line that separates class from triviality.

Last night we laughed heartily and head-on thanks to Moliere's The Imaginary Cuckold by the Compagnia Teatro Sacco of Savona in Liguria. We went to the Vittorio Veneto theater in Colleferro for the Italian Amateur Theater Grand Prix 2022, and we were kidnapped for the entire duration of the show.

I must say that the title is misleading, because more than The Imaginary Cuckold we have witnessed a Pirandellian show of fiction in the fiction of fiction.

The story is that of a theatrical company that is robbed of its sets and costumes and that goes on stage without knowing what to perform. The head comedian decides to go in full flow by improvising on the theme of Moliere's Imaginary Cuckold.

But it is not the text of Moliere the real protagonist of the show that we enjoyed as an audience, but the comments and forgotten lines of the actors who had to play a script that they did not remember very well.

Congratulations to the director!

The nuances of the actors' small movements on stage and the lines they exchanged were perfect and moved to smile. The little legs of the beautiful Celia and her father moving at a frenetic pace almost foreshadowed an avant-garde theater while they were only the beginning of this multilevel fiction.

Even the story that a married actor couple played as a married actor couple in the Imaginary Cuckold, and that between them the jokes on the theatrical comedy mingled with the jokes on the comedy of life, was perfect. In true Pirandello style.

And even the costumes recalled those of the early twentieth century of the Six Characters in Search of an Author by Pirandello that I have tasted many times at the Quirino.

The actors were excellent, starting with the chief comedian Antonio Carlucci, who played the most serious role, up to Alessio Dalmazzone who parodied himself and the handsome man on duty. And perhaps also of all of us who today take hours to be photographed by putting ourselves in unlikely poses to appear on social media with an image far from everyday reality.

Some nuances of Ligurian hints by Sandro Battaglino - Sganarello and Guglielmo Bonaccorti dragged me into the scents of the streets of the port of Savona where I spent beautiful evenings dedicated to art and where I would gladly return.

A tribute also to the two protagonists Susj Borello and Manuela Salviati to whom I would have given a few more jokes to do justice to their skill.

Congratulations to Liguria. And congratulations also to my faithful friend Clea who I could not leave anyone at home and that she accompanied me to the theater. She liked it very much and luckily there were no cats in the room.

the Italian Amateur Theater Colleferro
the Italian Amateur Theater Colleferro
the Italian Amateur Theater Colleferro

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