Stemma di Canterano

Canterano is an enchanting medieval village born around a castle on one of the heights of the Ruffi Mountain. From its square and its belvedere at over 6000 meters above sea level, you can enjoy a beautiful view over the whole Aniene Valley and the Prenestini Mountains.

The walks in the mountains up to the caves of Bucia Buciera or the waterfalls are among the most evocative of the Aniene Valley.

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Its history has its roots in time and, according to some scholars, the name Canterano comes from "kan" (progenitor of the Pelasgian race) and from "terapne" (house) and means "home of Kan". This ancient civilization can be found in the polygonal walls, partly demolished in 1880 for the construction of a road, and in the coat of arms of Canterano which shows a ship in full sail.

In 1884, seven bronze axes showed in the museum of the Terme di Roma were found in Canterano.

The first news of the village dates back to the archives of the monastery of Santa Scolastica and due to its proximity to Subiaco, the castle of Canterano in the 11th century was part of the possessions of the abbey of Subiaco.

Its history has therefore always followed that of the monasteries of Subiaco to which it is still linked by proximity and beauty.

From 1455 Pope Callistus III appointed an external abbot to administer the estates of the Abbey and among these he named the famous Cardinal Borgia (future Pope Alexander IV) who lived for a certain period between Subiaco and Rocca Canterano.

After a series of disputes between the abbey and the bishop of Tivoli, from 1638 the small castle with the village returned under the administration of the Abbots of Subiaco.

To taste the famous bred and the truffle of Canterano which for this excellence is part of the Cities of Truffle Association and to which a great party is dedicated.


Typical products 

The artisanal panettone from the Panzini pastry shop is considered one of the best in Italy and is on the Gambero Rosso guide. The Panzini family, today...

Due to the tradition and quality of its bakers, Canterano is the town of bread and here you can taste the best baked products in the whole Aniene...


Near the polygonal walls, in "Bucia Buciera", there are found some deep underground caves used as a shelter over the millennia. The people of Canterano have...
Festivals and Celebrations 

On the 1st and 2nd of August in Canterano the most heartfelt festival involving all the inhabitants of the town takes place, the feast of Our Lady of the...

The truffle festival is one of the most beautiful events in the village of Canterano and is dedicated to a true excellence of the area with food and wine...

The festival of strozzapreti - sagra degli Strozzapreti of Canterano combined food and music, food and wine and dancing in the square. Strozzapreti are the...
Religious Celebrations 

Every year, on January 15th in Canterano, the patron saint Mauro is celebrated, to whom the church in the historic center of the village is dedicated. The...

Architecture and monuments 

The small church of Saint Mary and Saint Mauro is in the historic center of the beautiful village of Canterano where the ancient castle once stood. Its...

The small church of Saint Roch is located near the village of Canterano and is integrated with the rock of the mountain. The building has a simple plaster...

Meet Special People 

There is nothing to be done, love for the roots and the town of origin wins and can do anything. A few days have passed since our visit to Canterano and with...

 Everything seems to revolve around Canterano where I have to meet the mayor for the Town Ambassador project of the metropolitan area of Rome, strongly...

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