Rocca Santo Stefano

Stemma di Rocca Santo Stefano
Rocca Santo Stefano is in the mountains east of Rome and its history is inseparable from the history of the Abbey of Subiaco nearby.

Probably the countryside and the origins of the locale are due to a group of people who have taken refuge in the mountains during the raids of the Barbarians and the first record dates back to the tenth century in a deed of the abbey.

In its history many feudal lords have come and gone but, shortly after these reigns, its control always returned to the Abbey. In 1600s for a period it was also in the possessions of the Colonna family, before returning definitely to be among the possessions of the Abbey of Subiaco.


In the Gnoccacci Festival in Rocca Santo Stefano, tradition and culture to remember old flavors. The gnoccacci are a handmade pasta of water and flour...

The serpentone dinner is an original way to end the summer and set off on the road of autumn, with a dinner on a long table in the streets of the historic...
Religious Celebrations 

The tradition of the flower festival of Corpus Domini is lost in the mists of time and, as in many places in Lazio, also in Rocca Santo Stefano, the streets...

The Inchinata procession is one of the most important religious traditions in Lazio and represents the meeting between an image of the Madonna and an image of...

Meet Special People 

How does a Swiss come to discover Italy? For Matthias it happened in the most traditional way, doing the service of the Swiss Guards for the pope in 1978. And...

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